Good Topics For An Explanatory Essay: Top 25 Interesting Questions

In the event that you are ever asked to write an explanatory essay, it would be a brilliant idea for you to make sure that by the time you are sending in your paper for marking, it is nothing short of amazing. This is what makes the difference between some good work and all the others. With that in mind, the following are some good suggestions for an explanatory essay:

  1. Discuss the history of the mascot of your school
  2. Explain to new students the procedure for applying to your institution
  3. Explain why it is important to attend games, particularly for sports that you do not fancy
  4. Discuss some of the major changes that have taken place in your learning institution over the years
  5. Showcase some of the worst and best ways of preparing for an examination
  6. Highlight 10 key factors that should be considered when choosing an ideal roommate
  7. The first few weeks in a new learning environment can be so challenging. Discuss how a student can overcome these with ease
  8. Explain to new students how they can apply for scholarships and make sure that they increase their chances of being awarded
  9. Discuss some of the ways of paying through college, without running into debt issues
  10. Discuss the concept of food stamps, highlighting the benefits and challenges thereof
  11. Discuss in-depth, affirmative action, discrimination and racism, and showcase how they are intertwined
  12. Discuss any ways that bullying in the learning environment can be put in its place and kept away from school
  13. Should women be given better options on a silver platter just because they are the fairer sex? Discuss
  14. Explain some of the challenges that closing public libraries have in the country
  15. Ability grouping in classes is a common phenomenon. Discuss how it works, and the challenges/benefits of using this system
  16. Explain the impact of social media on relationships
  17. Discuss some of the most common reasons why kids in your locality drop out of school
  18. Propose any changes that you could make to your classroom to make it better
  19. Discuss your option of an animal for a class pet
  20. Picture a world without technology for a whole week, and write about the experience
  21. Choose a year, and discuss why it was one of your best so far
  22. Explain why there are some teachers in your life that you consider to be special
  23. Discuss any book that you have read in the past, and how it affected your life
  24. Explain how electric clothing works
  25. Discuss some of the reasons why obesity is a thorn in our flesh