Family Relationship Essay: How To Craft It?

Family relationships are one of the most important facets of society. This is why society is simply a reflection of familial virtues and vices. Below is a sample paper on how to write an essay exploring a facet of family relationships.

Family Relationships Essay: Sample Paper

Family relationships according to Thesaurus is "relatedness or connection by blood, marriage or adoption." These relationships are important but most of us take them for granted. Considering that the first relationship anyone encounters is familial we can conclude that good family relationship are vital in shaping an individual. Even though we understand that family relationships are important some people don't know the full extent of their benefits.

Strong family relationships are good because of we, as humans, love connection. The human being is a social animal and it is an amazing feeling to be a member of a loving family. We enjoy the warmth and togetherness that emanates from good family relationships. However, there are other reasons why good family relationships are important. For starters, they help children grow up into mature, helpful, independent, loving, and responsible adults. This is especially important because it makes society better.

The idea is that healthy and mature children grow out of healthy family relationships. For example, one of the ways to tackle the drug crisis is to create a safe family environment for children to grow in so they don't become drug addicts. The family, after all, is the basic unit of society. So, whatever happens in society is a manifestation of numerous family units.

Good family relationships make society better for everyone. The question then is, how are good family relationships built? If anything, the number of adolescents involved in criminal activities shows that we need to work on our family relationships.

One of the most important parts of every human relationship is communication. People should be able to be open and forthright with themselves in a relationship. This enables them to make adjustments where they need to and get to know each other better. Communication in families is usually strained by the idea of a hierarchy. Kids are afraid to speak freely around strict parents. Children in this situation usually grow up seeking validation in places other than at home.

Keeping communication lines open is primarily a parent's responsibility. Parents must endeavor to make their kids understand that they can discuss anything with them. Every issue that needs discussion should be given a place at the table, from grades to sex. Parents must also adopt a loving approach to dealing with their kids. This means that even when they need to be strict, they should be thoughtful and gentle.

While we are shaped by the time and environment we grow up in, parents must make an effort to try and see things from their children's perspective. This will help them appreciate their children's peculiarities better and better equip them to proffer solutions. Every family must work on their communication within their specific contexts to make for better relationships and subsequently make society better.

Can’t Write Your Family Relationship Essay Yourself?

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