How To Write A Narrative Essay In A Few Steps

Narrative essay writing is also known as oral narrative history. It is a form of writing wherein the writers use carefully chosen and well thought out topics to explore the past of a particular culture or person in a particular period of history. In short, this type of writing is the best means to expose and explore the present and future in a particular period of history.

One may be involved in more than one period or a single time period and narrate in different ways. Through narrating the past of a particular period or era, the writers strive to reveal the hidden information and share powerful messages with readers. If this is not done properly, one can lose the attention of the readers and not be able to get the right message out to them.

Basically, oral history is based on the idea that we all have stories to tell about our lives which may be erased from the fabric of our memories and leave a gap in our collective memory. Hence, the very purpose of storytelling in oral history is to allow people to discover and recapture the memories which may be lost due to silence.

This makes writing narrations very important because the writing is not only meant to document the story but also to bring the story alive and relive it through the imaginative and dynamic ability of a writer. For this, the required skills in narrative writing are required, such as good grammar, clarity, professionalism, and precision. In short, good skills in these skills can make the stories rich and richly descriptive.

Narrative Essay Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is very important when writing a narrative essay and must contain the reasons why the story has to be told. The reason must come in the form of a story.

Here are some other tips for how to write a narrative essay. To start with, one has to select a topic that is well established and authentic. One may look for books, newspapers, journals, magazines, websites and so on which are relating to the topic of the thesis statement. As long as it is not too difficult, the topic should be chosen carefully.

After you have selected a topic, it is time to research on the topic thoroughly. You should go through books, newspapers, journals, magazines, websites and so on. You will find it more interesting if you visit the place where the story was written by the author or the people who knew the person or the story.

Background Information And Research

In addition to researching thoroughly, one also has to develop the background information about the person or the event you want to narrate. From the researched materials, the background of the story must be extracted to form the plot. Even if there is no back story to the event, the reason is not important, it is only the details about the story, which should be picked to give your work its quality.

It is important to note that even though the writing is important in the process of how to write a narrative essay, one should not stop at this stage. One must look for the relevance of the topic and also look for ideas that can support the theme and the thesis statement.

As mentioned earlier, these are just some of the basic tips for how to write a narrative essay. There are many more tips available online at You can look for tips by visiting any website which deals with online essay writing.